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Presentation Skills

How to be a better presenter

"I find presenting very scary..."

"Other people do it so much better. I am sure I am being boring..."

"I always have such a lot to get across and I don’t know how to structure it..."

improve your presentation skills

Do any of these statements ring true? Most of us find giving speeches, or making presentations, more difficult than we are prepared to admit. At Matrix Advice we understand this.

We’ve worked inside large corporations helping people prepare for presentations where one wrong phrase could drop the share price like a stone.

presentation training


Matrix Advice has worked with people who have to convince, to persuade, to sell - and to deliver extremely complex data in a tight timeframe. We’ve also helped small entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses.

We will teach you about content, about delivery - and about handling your nerves. It’s much easier to deliver a speech, or to make a presentation, when you know how to do it.

We can coach you at your offices; we can bring a small camera to record, playback and to help you to learn. We will always respect your confidentiality.

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