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Issues Management

What is an Issue?

Think of an issue as something that can arise from a gap between what your company says and does and what your stakeholders expect you to say and do.

This may relate to a new business project, an existing business or even a change in business policy on matters such as health and safety, environmental management or sustainable development.

Issues are not only driven by events, such as an incident, or a strike, but often by general themes: such as complaints over pay, or local NGOs expressing concern for the environment, or business ethics.

At Matrix Advice we can pinpoint what might become an issue for you and help you to develop an effective radar within your local environment. It starts with seeing and understanding what is being written and said about you and your business environment by the public, the media, NGOs and Government.

We believe that effective issues management is about detecting the early warning signs, identifying key stakeholders and providing the framework to deal with or to neutralise a potential problem before it escalates.

Remember: to ignore an issue is to invite a crisis. We can help you. Call us to discuss a potential issue in confidence.

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